Kwarabuild Tech Community

Kwarabuild Tech Community is on a mission to bring together a team of like-minded individuals to showcase Nigeria’s best talent ideas and businesses with a focus on leveraging technological innovations.

Who Are We?

We are Africa Next Builders

Kwarabuild as a brainchild of Kanispace (Est. 2015) began full operation in the year 2018. Kwara Build Tech Community is a premier global association community for tech enthusiasts and developers in Kwara state, who are passionate about building and developing the tech ecosystem of Kwara state and the nation at large, believing in the unequalled power of events and human connections to educate the youth about the power of technology in ecosystem development and future foresight.

Events and Conferences


Kwarabuild Tech Conf' 2018

Kwarabuild hosted the biggest Tech Conference in North-Central; with a low budget. October 1st, 2018 in Ilorin city was an unforgettable memory, for a 1310 total number of participants who registered for kwarabuild Tech Conference 2018.


Kwarabuild Tech Conf' 2019

Having gathered the largest crowd in their first ever tech Conference with little resources and a huge last minute challenge, the expectation of all and sundry has been raised as to what the second edition of the Kwarabuild Tech Conference would look like, if there’ll be any.


Kwarabuild Virtual Learning

Kwarabuild Education is a platform, under kwarabuild tech community, that aims to take STEM education to classrooms across Nigeria. We are committed to making sure all Nigerian students from primary to tertiary institutions have access to free and quality STEM education.

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KwaraBuild is a platform that connects people to the transformative power of technology, especially as it affects their daily lives. The future is now.

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Our Programs


A meeting of doers and thinkers who are hungry for development and growth. It features startup education, business linkups, fundraising, and knowledge sharing.


is one of the projects of KBTC to empower women and girls with tech skills through building a strong network of a global community where women can collaborate and support one another to change the world.

Career In Tech

Kwarabuild's career in tech is tailored towards bringing STEM education to the classroom. It is a platform created to provide individuals with accessibility to tech education irrespective of their backgrounds.

What We've Done


The Team

Our creative team