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Kwara Build Tech Community is a premier global association community for tech enthusiasts and developers in Kwara state

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About Kwarabuild

Kwara Build Tech Community is a premier global association community for tech enthusiasts and developers in Kwara state, who are passionate about building and developing the tech ecosystem of Kwara state.

Our Mission

Kwarabuild Tech Community shall bring together a team of like-minded individuals to showcase Nigeria’s best talent ideas and businesses with a focus leveraging on technology innovation.

Our Focus

Providing individuals with training programs and certifications that will help them get a good job and prepare them for future challenges.


  • To dream big is indeed one of the most fundamental ways to generate great ideas — ideas to solve problems.
  • We started as a team of three with a goal to prepare our youths for the future. Kwara Build is comprising of 28 professional individuals and community members of over 3500
  • It has always been part of our dream to make history in our community by bringing industry leaders from different parts of the world to enlighten our youths on the importance of technology
  • Our career in tech education program has reached over 1000 students in secondary schools across Kwara state, we have empowered over 150 ladies with soft skills through our women in tech program and our recently launched startup program reached over 100 entrepreneurs who are passionate about solving their local challenges.

Programmes We're Excited About

Building the next African Builders

Startup Build

#StartupBuild: A meeting of doers and thinkers who are hungry for development and growth. It features startup education, business linkups, and knowledge sharing

Career In Tech Education

Kwarabuild career in tech is tailored to bring stem education to the classroom. It’s a platform created to let tech education accessible to individuals irrespective of their background.

Kwarabuild Women In Tech

Become a part of our growing community which gives young women an opportunity to learn and actively participate in the tech community. KBWT is opened to all levels of skill experience; beginners, intermediate or advanced.

Kwarabuild Virtualize Africa Program

VMware Inc launched the VirtualizeAfrica programme to train and groom thousands of Africans in Virtualization and Cloud Computing through the VMware IT Academy. In partnership with Kwarabuild, VirtualizeAfrica will allow Nigerians free access to the VMware IT Academy courses and certifications.

Meet The Kwarabuild Team

Meet the passionate builders 

Kamaldeen Kehinde

Lead Organizer

Community Manager
Frontend Developer
Social Entrepreneur

Adeola Olaleye

Women Lead

Software Developer
Public Speaker 
Community Advocate 

Ibrahim Zulkifli

Program manager

Web Artisan 
Tech Evangelist.
Community Relations.

Yahyah Mohammed

Technical Lead

Full-stack Developer
Community Mentor 


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