Kwarabuild partners with Prembly (IdentityPass)

We are excited to partner with Prembly for the 2022 edition of the KwaraBuild tech conference. Prembly provides software and APIs for security and compliance to businesses and software developers in Africa. Prembly’s major offerings are IdentityPass for KYC and AML compliance infrastructure, identity verification and management, and IdentityRader for fraud detection analytics and risk management. Founded […]

Kwarabuild Women Tech Meetup — As It Happened

February 9, 2019 was another great day at MAL Hub, a day that marks a start of something new for Kwarabuild team and the entire female aspiring to learn more about tech in kwara state. We have embarked on a journey to inspire more women to kick start a career in tech. February 9, 2019 […]

Everything You Need To Know About Kwarabuild Tech Conf 2019

Theme: The Future of A Smart City Kwara Build Tech Community is a premier global association community for tech enthusiasts and developers in Kwara state, who are passionate about building and developing the tech ecosystem of Kwara state and the nation at large, believing in the unequaled power of events and human connections to educate […]

Kwarabuild Tech Conference — Call For Speaker

The best way to absorb the wisdom in what you know is to pass it to others, the impact is even massive when you speak to thousands of eager audiences. Amongst them are policymakers, investors, enthusiasts, and potential tech adopters. KwaraBuild 2.0 is calling out speakers who are willing to share industry experience with participants. […]

VMware sponsored Kwarabuild Tech Conference 2019 through Virtualization Africa

We are glad to announce our partnership with VMWare; the best choice for digital businesses that have sponsored the KwaraBuild Tech Conference 2.0 as a Gold standard sponsor through its Virtualize Africa Program. It’s a thing of great joy for us as we prepare for another remarkable event. Our dream has always been to make […]

Kwarabuild Virtual Learning For Secondary School

Kwarabuild Education is a platform, under kwarabuild tech community, that aims to take STEM education to classrooms across Nigeria. We are committed to making sure all Nigerian students from primary to tertiary institutions have access to free and quality STEM education via resources and platforms provided by us and our partners across the globe. Our […]

Kwarabuild Tech Conference 2019: A Huge Success

Kwarabuild is a team of tech enthusiasts and professionals building the largest Tech ecosystem in North Central Nigeria. Having gathered the largest crowd in their first ever tech Conference with little resources and a huge last minute challenge, the expectation of all and sundry has been raised as to what the second edition of the […]

Kwarabuild To Launch New Program #StartupBuild

No doubt, building solutions that impact millions and billions of people require effort and dogged determination. Apparently, the tech community at Kwara State is one of the most promising in Africa. Courtesy of Kwarabuild and other groups, the community has witnessed immense growth over the past 1 year. However, we have to move to the […]


Like every event, we planned. Like every planning, we strategized. Like every strategy, we collaborated. Like every collaboration, we connected. Like every connection, we were value-driven. Like every value-driven connection, we were successful. Like every success… WE DID IT! It all seemed like an arduous task that couldn’t be executed. The good news there however […]

How First KwaraBuild Tech Conference Changed My Neighbor’s View About Tech

Alim was 16 last year when I seek his mum’s permission to take him to KwaraBuild Tech Conference. He attended with undivided attention, a pen, and a jotter. Now, he owns a PC and seamless access to the internet. He has kickstarted his journey in the tech space and his growth is highly impressive. This […]