We are excited to partner with Prembly for the 2022 edition of the KwaraBuild tech conference. Prembly provides software and APIs for security and compliance to businesses and software developers in Africa. Prembly’s major offerings are IdentityPass for KYC and AML compliance infrastructure, identity verification and management, and IdentityRader for fraud detection analytics and risk management.

Founded in June 2020 at the peak of the pandemic, Prembly (IdentityPass) has processed over $50milliion in transactions via USSD and mobile app integrations. Learn more here.

Kwarabuild is hosting the 2022 edition of its annual conference focused on tech professionals and enthusiasts. Usually composed of workshops and panel sessions, the conference projects the expertise and experiences of various individuals and brands in the tech ecosystem. Over the years, KwaraBuild has offered hands-on workshops in cloud computing, and fireside chats with different individuals who are founders, developers, program managers, and angels.

The KwaraBuild Tech Conference — 2022 edition is sponsored by Prembly (IdentityPass). In a strategic move, KwaraBuild will provide IdentityPass API platform integration to its developer community.

Kwarabuild Tech Conference 2022

Commenting on the partnership, the CEO of Prembly said; Lanre Ogungbe has this to say about the partnership between Kwarabuild & Prembly (IdentityPass)

As we aim to make everyday life easier and secure for African businesses and individuals, partnering with organizations like Kwarabuild for industrial events allows us to contribute to the growth of the tech communities and ecosystem at large.

The event is scheduled to hold from 2nd-3rd December 2022 in Ilorin, Nigeria.

Registration and bookings are available until 25th November 2022 at https://kwarabuild.com/kbtc22/.

Kwarabuild partners with Prembly (IdentityPass)