VMware sponsored Kwarabuild Tech Conference 2019 through Virtualization Africa

We are glad to announce our partnership with VMWare; the best choice for digital businesses that have sponsored the KwaraBuild Tech Conference 2.0 as a Gold standard sponsor through its Virtualize Africa Program. It’s a thing of great joy for us as we prepare for another remarkable event. Our dream has always been to make history as a community by bringing industry leaders from different part of the globe to enlighten the youth on the importance of technology in the 21st century.

“Virtualize Africa”, a corporate initiative of VMware dedicated to the development of human capital, knowledge, and expertise in Africa, in the Virtualization and Cloud Computing space.

In an effort to support the development of technical skills across Africa in the areas of Virtualization and Cloud Computing, VMware (the global leader in virtualization, cloud infrastructure, and digital workspace technology) will be organizing and delivering a series of intensive, hands-on technical Workshops and pieces of training in the next few months in various cities across Africa. These FREE training are part of VMware’s “Virtualize Africa” Initiative and Kwarabuild is happy to be one of the beneficiaries of the program.

Deji Akomolafe speaking on Virtualization computing at the Kwarabuild Tech conference 2018

We had a wonderful moment last year with one of Virtualize Africa team, Deji Akomolafe (a Program Manager and Global Staff Solutions Architect at VMware) He specializes in the Virtualization and Cloud Computing Technologies and Solutions. Deji’s Program incubation and management expertise is rooted in providing technical guidance, mentorship, support and facilitation to help IT Professionals in acquiring and enhancing their expertise and ability to optimally virtualize and operate their critical applications in the Cloud.