Kwarabuild Virtual Learning For Secondary School

Kwarabuild Education is a platform, under kwarabuild tech community, that aims to take STEM education to classrooms across Nigeria. We are committed to making sure all Nigerian students from primary to tertiary institutions have access to free and quality STEM education via resources and platforms provided by us and our partners across the globe.

Our goal is to prepare learners for the world of work by introducing them to workplace competencies using technology tools. Also, make academic content accessible to every individual by providing it in a hands-on context that will trigger their mental intelligence.

We focus on providing individuals with training programs and certifications that will help them acquire academic excellence and prepare them for future challenges. We are committed to making sure there is no barrier in having access to sound education and with the current situation of the pandemic affecting the whole world, we aim to make sure Kwara State students never stop learning. We’ve stood to create an opportunity to make the student community upswing supplementary benefit during the lockdown moment.

We hope to develop teenagers and adolescents through the means of exposing them to being resourceful and achieve online proficiency through the listed activities.

  1. Internet Safety
  2. Basic Programming
  3. Art
  4. Computer science
  5. Graphics Illustration
  6. Simple Animation
  7. Mathematics Online

We realize many children are getting distracted on a daily basis due to inexhaustible accessibility to data. We understand and value the boredom by scaling up the ability to make use of their moment online for well creative and acute intellectual activities.

Our Method

We have planned a well academic curriculum focusing on the listed subjects above, we aim to provide a quality online infrastructure that allows students and their parents to live stream and receive world-class lessons from our instructors at kwarabuild Education. Well-straightforward content and ability to ask questions on the go. We plan to make it fun, engaging, and interactive. We believe this is another way to open our students’ eyes to another beautiful and educative way of learning in 21 Century.

We believe in continuous learning and continuous support from local communities like Kwarabuild can go a long way, especially in this particular period. We support and evangelize for quality education and that is why we found ourselves here.

Kwarabuild Career In Tech Education

The Kwarabuild Virtual Learning is designed for Secondary Schools in response to the Stay at Home directive issued by the Government to schools following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The platform is initiated to provide learning support to students in a fun and engaging way while they are at home.

To enrol your child as a Parent, kindly fill the form by answering the questions below.

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