Kwarabuild To Launch New Program #StartupBuild

No doubt, building solutions that impact millions and billions of people require effort and dogged determination.

Apparently, the tech community at Kwara State is one of the most promising in Africa. Courtesy of Kwarabuild and other groups, the community has witnessed immense growth over the past 1 year.

However, we have to move to the next stage towards ensuring technological and economic growth in our society. Therefore, over the next few years, we shall be focusing our energy at helping startups develop and scale in Kwara.

This is a giant leap for us. We understand that this will be hard. It will be a difficult journey. But we are convinced it’s a worthwhile venture. Wish us the best.

It was in 2018 when we started Kwarabuild, preparing to host the maiden version of our conference, that the word Builder was used to refer to everyone who saw the vision of building a dynamic tech community in Kwara State.

This time, the word Builder shall stand for everybody who believes in a prosperous Kwara that leads in the global community of industrial, technological and economic ecosystems.

Well, if the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step, on the 8th of November, 2019, we shall take a step. All builders in Kwara will be converging for #StartupBuild at MalHub, House 6, Agba Dam road, GRA, Ilorin as we lay the foundation for the future we want to build. We shall discuss and mix ideas. We would also learn some of the necessary things needed for building startups and succeeding in the fast paced competitive world.

Join us as we make history!