Like every event, we planned. Like every planning, we strategized. Like every strategy, we collaborated. Like every collaboration, we connected. Like every connection, we were value-driven. Like every value-driven connection, we were successful. Like every success… WE DID IT!

It all seemed like an arduous task that couldn’t be executed. The good news there however was that, we did it!

Deji Akomolafe with Kwarabuild Team during the Pre-Conference Bootcamp

The planning of KWARBUILD TECH CONFERENCE(Kbtc) 2019 actually started the next 24 hours after KWARABUILD TECH CONFERENCEE 2018. This happened because we were driven with the passion to make our ‘after’ become better than our ‘before’.

Kbtc ’18 left us with indelible lessons to learn. Via the feedbacks we received and that which we gave ourselves, we discovered some loopholes which if such should repeat itself again, the brand –KwaraBuild might become a thing of the past. We ensured we learnt from the past and not just neglect it.

When we received the news this year from one of the attendees based in Kwara State that, “this was the best tech conference she had ever attended…” we smiled. We however went over the moon when another shocking feedback from a Lagos based tech enthusiast screamed over the phone as to how such massive success was recorded in a state like ‘Kwara’ and a city like ‘Ilorin’. One could notice his disbelief from the manners with which he stressed and reverberated the sentence –In Ilorin like a 4-year old wanting to memorize ABC in the shortest time possible because he was promised Chocolate.